20 – 32 Weeks

£160.00, Twins £220.00

4D Package Overview

    • Assess which way your baby is presenting
    • Reassure fetal heart is beating (with colour blood flow & sound)
    • Verbal well being check
    • Gender identification (if desired)

What's Included?

    • 10 minute DVD in 2D/4D and HD Live
    • Verbal well being check
    • 8 x 3D images (postcard size)
    • Metallic coloured “Baby Scan” picture frame with one of the above 3D prints mounted
    • Presentation bag

    Optional Extras

    • 3D/HD Prints: £5.00 each
    • Key Rings: £5.00 each

  • A magical and memorable package

    Our 3D/4D baby scan will create a magical & memorable package for all the family to treasure forever… This will give you an exceptional opportunity to bond with your unborn baby. Imagine being able to see your baby’s face smiling, yawning opening their eyes! With Apeekaboo Imaging you now can!


  • How do we achieve this?

    We are able to do this by using the very latest scanning technology by world leaders in 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound, GE Healthcare. Our professional scanning equipment is called the Voluson 730 pro ultrasound machine which is internationally distinguished and we feel is second to none in clarity, resolution and “real time movement” of your baby in the womb.

    For your reassurance our sonographer will check through your baby’s anatomy in 2D.

    Looking from the top of your baby’s head and continuing throughout your baby’s body sharing with you the anatomy that she can see as well as answering any questions you may have regarding your baby.

    It’s always an important element of our Apeekaboo baby scan to look at your baby’s heart with our ultrasound colour blood flow system so we can view the baby’s blood flowing through the heart as well as allow you to listen to the sound of the heart beating; we acknowledge this as being a positive part of alleviating anxiety for any mum & dad to be.

    If you choose to ask for us to reveal the gender of your baby we will do so in 2D as this is the best way to clearly identified male or female gender. Of cause we always ask you if you want to know the gender before we start your baby scan.

  • When is the best time for a bonding scan?

    At Apeekaboo Imaging we say the best time to capture your baby’s animated movements is between 20 weeks gestation & 32 weeks gestation. The optimum time within this we suggest is around about 25 weeks – 27 weeks gestation. This is because the fluid that surrounds your baby will be at its most during this time; this allows the ultrasound to send astonishingly clear images of your baby from the womb to the screen.

    Some things to consider which will affect the quality of your baby images are;

    • Where your baby is positioned
    • Where the baby’s umbilical cord is
    • Where your placenta is located
    • The amount of amniotic fluid present & mums size

    (If you find yourself above 32 weeks gestation and would still like to see your baby in 4D, please call our office and speak to us as we can often still obtain amazing results.)

    Remember our sonographer has a background in Midwifery,  so any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy, she will be happy to help answer!

  • What if I can’t see my baby’s face clearly?

    You may wish to bring a sweet drink & a snack to eat as we may ask you to take a short break to get your baby moving if he or she is lying in an awkward position.

    If we feel we are unable to acquire satisfactory images we will always offer one other appointment free of charge to complete your package.

    Please note:
    For gestations over 32 weeks, rescans will only be offered at our sonographer’s discretion

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