What is a 4D Scan

A 4D baby Scan is a series of images that are captured using the latest ultrasound scanning technology, providing a real life, moving video of your unborn baby. These pregnancy scans, which Apeekaboo specialise in, allow you to see your baby playing with toes, blinking, yawning, and even scratching his or her nose.

Many parents get a 4d scan so that they can see the behaviour of their unborn baby in this way, as a way to start building a special bond between parent and child. A 4d scan also offers expectant mothers the opportunity to see how the baby is growing, with information on the health and vitality of their new unborn baby.

Health benefits of a 4D Scan

A 4d scan allows you to check the health and grown of your unborn baby, for which our expert sonographers provide you information on:

What is the best time to get a 4D Scan

At Apeekaboo Imaging we say the best time to capture your baby’s animated movements through a 4D Scan is between 20 weeks gestation & 32 weeks gestation. The optimum time within this we suggest is around about 25 weeks – 27 weeks gestation for a 4D Scan. This is because the fluid that surrounds your baby will be at its most during this time; allowing the ultrasound to send astonishingly clear images of your baby from the womb to the screen, giving you a 4D Scan that is clear and lifelike.

Some things to consider which will affect the quality of your 4D Scan are;

• Where your baby is positioned
• Where the baby’s umbilical cord is
• Where your placenta is located
• The amount of amniotic fluid present & mums size

Apeekaboo sonographers have a background in Midwifery, so any concerns or questions you have about our 3d pregnancy scan / 4d baby scans will be answered with total care and consideration for you and your baby.

4D Scan Video

A 4D Scan is a moving video of your baby. Each 4d scan is therefore recorded onto a CD for you to take away as your own personal memory of your baby. Alternatively you may be interested in one of our 3d scans, which you can view by selecting the scans option in the menu.

View more videos and photos in our Gallery section.

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