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OverviewWhat's Included?
FreePeek is only available to customers who book any of the following scans;15 minutes bonding view in 2D & 4D
Viability Scan £80.00 Optional Extras
Dating Scan £80.00DVD in 2D & 4D: £50.00
Nuchal Scan £150.003D Prints: £5.00 each
Reassurance Scan £65.00 *Key Rings: £5.00 each
Gender Scan £65.00 *

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At Apeekaboo Imaging we identify with those Mums & Dads to be, that having a baby can be an anxious time whether this is your first pregnancy or fifth!

People often say the most uneasy time is from being 6 weeks pregnant to 20 weeks gestation, as often you can’t yet feel the baby moving inside you.

Our midwives want to try and help alleviate this apprehension by giving you the opportunity to see your baby “Free of Charge” in colour 4D, when you choose any of our 2D scan’s up to 19 weeks + 6 days.


So for example if you choose to take a Viability Scan, Dating Scan or a Nuchal Scan, you can include a FreePeek view of your baby in 4D real time motion, the same applies to our 2D Reassurance Scan and Gender Scan’s up to 20 weeks, meaning you will get a fantastic 4D bonding experience for the price of a 2D scan!

Just to reassure you, you will still get your amazing 2D glossy prints which are included within the cost of your 2D scan, with the added bonus of purchasing unique colour 3D images of your tiny baby at only £5.00 each.

(We would like to stress you are under no obligation to buy any images & this will not affect your “freeview” opportunity in any way).

* FreePeek service offered only if you are less than 20 weeks gestation when you have your scan.

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