16 – 35 Weeks

£65.00, Twins £95.00

What is this Scan for?

    • Identify the gender of your baby
    • Reassure the pregnancy is progressing as it should be
    • Reassure fetal heart beat with sound
    • Basic fetal anatomy check

What's Included?

    • 2 black & white, glossy 2D prints (postcard size)
    • FreePeek ™ 4D service included *

  • Do you want to know the sex of your unborn baby?

    We understand that majority of mums & dads to be want to find out the gender of their baby, as early as possible within their pregnancy. This is why at Apeekaboo Imaging we are delighted to assist you in doing so from 16 weeks gestation. We also value the opportunity to perform a reassurance scan for you simultaneously to check your baby is progressing as she or he should be. If you are between 16 weeks gestation and under 20 weeks gestation then you will qualify for our FreePeek ™ in sepia colour real time movement.

    Please note: the structure of the fetal heart will not be checked under 20 weeks.

    Remember our sonographer has a background in Midwifery, so any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy, she will be happy to help answer!

  • Your gender scan

    We will look from the top of your baby’s head through the body pointing out major organs to you. For your reassurance our sonographer will check through your baby’s anatomy in 2D sharing with you the anatomy that she can see as well as answering any questions you may have regarding your baby.


    It’s always an important element of our Apeekaboo baby scan to look at your baby’s heart with our ultrasound colour blood flow system so we can view the baby’s blood flowing through the heart as well as allow you to listen to the sound of the heart beating; we acknowledge this as being a positive part of alleviating anxiety for any mum & dad to be.

  • How do we tell the difference?

    Boys and girls genitals within the first trimester; 1 week – 13 weeks + 6 days appear very similar on the outer surface, the medical term for this area is known as Genital Ducts, with the capacity to make either female or male equipment!

    This is why at Apeekaboo Imaging we prefer to identify your baby’s gender from 16 weeks onwards. The big change happens in the last part of the first trimester. A boy which has one X and one Y chromosome will produce testosterone (male hormone) which prompts the formation of a penis. A girl who has two X chromosomes will produce labia and vagina.

    On 2D ultrasound we can see the difference between the sexes by;

    Female: 3 bright white parallel lines or the labia can be seen as swollen areas

    Male: the penis & scrotum are seen in outline very similar to a snail

View more videos and photos in our Gallery section.

  • Did you know?

    At 16 weeks gestation your baby’s ears are beginning to hear the sound of your voice and the beating of your heart. You may start to feel tiny fluttering movements, this is the baby stretching out and turning around…. You’ll be surprised at just how much they move inside!

  • After you've made an appointment

    We will send you a confirmation letter within the next couple of days, with the date and time of your appointment. This will include a detailed map and leaflet. If you need to change this then we will be happy to try to arrange this for you.

* FreePeek ™ service offered only if you are less than 20 weeks gestation when you have your scan.

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