14 – 35 Weeks

£65.00, Twins £95.00

What is this Scan for?

    • Reassure the pregnancy is progressing as it should be
    • Reassure fetal heart beat with sound
    • Assess which way your baby is presenting

What's Included?

    • Verbal report given
    • 2 black & white, glossy 2D prints (postcard size)
    • FreePeek ™ 4D service included *

  • What happens during the scan?

    We understand that pregnancy for the majority of women is an anxious time and that sometimes the only way you can gain reassurance that pregnancy is progressing as it should be and that your baby’s heart is beating is by seeing with your own eyes. So from 14 weeks gestation we can help you alleviate those anxious moments by offering you our special rapid assessment reassurance scan.

    Please note: the structure of the fetal heart will not be checked under 20 weeks.

    Remember our sonographer has a background in Midwifery, so any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy, she will be happy to help answer!

View more videos and photos in our Gallery section.

  • Did you know?

    At 16 weeks your baby is coated with soft downy hair called “lanugo” and from head to heel comes in at about 16cm in length and weighs about 170 grams. Fine hair, eyelashes, and fingerprints are all starting to take place. You baby touches the hand to his or her face, places one hand on the other hand, clasps feet, places his or her hand to the umbilical cord and sometimes walks around the womb by pushing off with both feet.

  • After you've made an appointment

    We will send you a confirmation letter within the next couple of days, with the date and time of your appointment. This will include a detailed map and leaflet. If you need to change this then we will be happy to try to arrange this for you.

* FreePeek ™ service offered only if you are less than 20 weeks gestation when you have your scan.

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