2D, 3D or 4D?

What is 2D?

The regular two dimensional scan (2D) is in black and white and is used to look inside organs, for example we can see the baby inside the mothers uterus, as well as see the internal organs inside the baby before he or she is born. We use this to look at your baby during the Anomaly scan, this allows us to see any defects that might be present and will give you an unique once in a lifetime opportunity to see inside your baby’s heart!

What is 3D/4D?

The three/four dimensional scan (3D/4D) is in colour (sepia) and is called a Surface Rendering type of scan. This is when only the outer layer of the image is shown. We use this for our bonding scan or to look for any soft tissue anomaly (cleft lip). The movement of the baby is known as the 4th dimension (4D) and movement is seen in real time, so as the mother is feeling the baby move inside of her, so we can simultaneosuly see what type of movements the baby is doing…… this could be; stretching, flexing the hands, reaching out playing with toes or even waving back at you.

3D/4D also allows you to see your baby smiling, swallowing fluid, poking out a tiny tongue and sometimes even though their world is dark inside we can capture them opening their eyes and looking around.